EatCatering provides natural and healthy alternatives to craft service. Our aim is to deliver health-conscious and whole foods in a choice-based environment while creating the warm and friendly ambience we are known for!

Today, specific dietary needs / food allergens are on the rise and eatcatering responds to this phenomenal trend with nutritional planning and specified menus to offer solutions for everyone.

Some examples of dietary-specific items you will typically find offered from eatcatering are as follows:

• Kosher choices
• Raw Foods choices
• Vegan choices
• Vegetarian choices
• Soy-alternative choices
• Pescetarian choices
• wheat/gluten intollerance choices
• Lactose/dairy intollerance choices
• Shellfish allergen choices
• Lean protein choices
• Low/no sugar choices
• Nuts/seeds allergen choices
• Detox Fast-Track diet
with fasting plan
• Specialized dietary plan/
personalized nutritional services